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The Crew

What is the Crew?

The Warrior Nation Crew is a group of high school students who have a desire to promote school spirit and encourage each student at New Hope in all their endeavors. This group will, of course, encourage all athletes, but seek to show support for all activities spanning all grades. They have a strong desire to increase school spirit among students, staff, families and the community.

What does the Crew do?

The Crew’s activities and programs are ever changing based on the student’s perspective on how they can be a blessing to others. Some constants are encouragement and support for all athletes, coaches and academic team members (ie: Brain Bowl and Academic Challenge). Some examples are “Black Out” events, spectator buses, fan activities, banners, hospitality to visiting teams and the ever-present locker notes. They are willing and flexible to meet many needs that the school may have such as the Elementary Star Parties.

Who is the Crew and how do they work?

Any high school student with an acceptable GPA can join the Crew if they fully support the purpose of the group.  The Crew has a leadership team who are enrolled in the Leadership Development Class offered at New Hope.  For the rest of the Crew members it is an extra-curricular activities with planning sessions during lunch once a week.  We limit membership to high school because it requires a high level of responsibility and commitment. Eighth graders are encouraged to join the Crew after spring break so they can get a taste of what serving during high school will be like. Currently one third of the high school is involved in the Crew and we always welcome new members.