Mrs. Jody Bormuth

Jody Bormuth has served the Lord for almost 50 years.  In that time, she has worked in various ministries, including leading Bible studies and encouraging women of all ages.  She has been a Precept Bible study teacher and trainer, the Girl’s Director and Assistant Director for Youth, and Director of Women’s Ministry.  The Lord has allowed Jody to minister in several other ways; aside from teaching she has written many teaching materials, including topical studies, book studies as well as an in-depth Biblically-based discipleship course. She was instrumental in creating the once a year Biblical conference in Southern Oregon known as OWOW (Oregon Women of the Word). In addition to that, she has had numerous articles published in the magazine, “Just Between Us”, which have been reprinted and included in a book series for Cook Communications.  She is also asked to speak at many different retreats and seminars.

In 2001, she graduated with a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministries from Multnomah Biblical Seminary in Portland.  She has a deep passion for Biblical education as, “…that which produces reverence for the Lord”. (Ps. 119:38)

Jody and her husband Tom have been married for 50 years, and have 2 grown daughters, now both serving their Lord passionately. They have been blessed with five grandchildren. Jody currently serves on the faculty of Pacific Bible College in Medford in order to continue the encouragement of Biblically based education for students and lay people throughout the Rogue Valley. She especially loves to teach her Biblical Genders class in a local Bible college, which challenges men and women to discover the true Biblical reasons for “Why God Created Two Genders!”