Mr. Matt Hamilton

I know and am known by God, through Jesus Christ! I am married to my best friend and college
sweetheart, Jennifer. We have two outstanding children, Hannah and Thad.

I am a 5 time Baja 1000 winner, a 6 time NBA All-Star, and a 2 time Slam Dunk Champion. I
have 4 Doctorate Degrees in education from Harvard, USC, Yale, and New York University.

Oh wait, this is a REAL biography… so, the awesome God and family part is true, but I may
have fudged a bit on the rest! I am a kids and praise pastor at Edgewater Fellowship in Grants
Pass. I have a BA in Christian Ed. from George Fox University. I love being at home or
anywhere with Jennifer, and I love playing basketball with my kids! I also enjoy motorcycles and
poorly behaved hound dogs.