Mr. John Dennis

I grew up in Southern California and after graduating High School, I purchased an automotive repair shop at age 19.  I married my high school sweetheart, Juli, in 1988.  Our business was strong for 13 years, then we decided to move to Grants Pass to start a family in 1998.  I started Rogue Valley Pump Service at that time with my brother David.  The Lord has blessed our business all these years and I still enjoy driving a service truck and fixing peoples water systems.   We have two children, Breana who is 16, and Bryce who is 12.  We began at New Hope with Breana in first grade.  I have always felt perfect peace that New Hope was the right school for my children.   I was asked to be on the school board in early 2014 and then Board chairman later that year.   I have always been willing to help where I’m needed, even though I often feel I’m not really qualified for the job.   I am extremely happy with our present Board and thankful for all the teachers and staff at New Hope.  It truly is a joy to serve on the Board and help our children.  My hobbies are done with my family, motorcycle riding, going to the dunes, and boating.

My favorite verse is Romans 12:2