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Reason to Enroll

Reasons to Enroll at New Hope Christian School

Accredited Christian Education

New Hope Christian School is accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), an accreditation division of AdvancED.

Graduation Success

New Hope Christian School has a 99.9% graduation rate. This far exceeds the Oregon public schools’ 68% graduation completion, which is ranked 49th of all states (according to the 2012 US Education Department statistics and as reported in the April 29, 2014 issue of The Daily Courier).

Kindergarten through 12th Grade Traditional Classes

For the littlest of ones to those preparing for graduation, we have the courses and programs that are suited for the needs of your child.

Sports Program

The sports that we offer to our middle school (5th-8th grades) and high school students are girls’ volleyball, boys’/girls’ basketball, and track and field.

Small Classes For Personalized Attention

Most of our classes average 15 students to 1 teacher. These smaller class sizes provide individual attention for each student to make sure they are getting the most out of the material that is being taught.

Supervised Learning Center

The Learning Center is privately funded and seeks to assist all students in achieving their potential. The purpose of the center is to give students the opportunity to receive assistance to exceed their current academic level while continuing in their mainstreamed classroom. The program is designed to provide a variety of tools that uniquely fits each student. The Learning Center is for all grades and will be made available during times that are best staffed for students’ needs. Students may come to the center for make up work (including quizzes and tests), research assistance, and study sessions.

College Prep Program and Counseling

Since 2010, 86% of New Hope Graduates have gone on to pursue either a 2-year or 4-year college education.

For those students who are quickly advancing through their high school courses, college courses may be taken through DECC (Distance Education College Courses), RCC, Grand Canyon University, and other colleges. These courses count for dual credit. The college will issue college credit, and New Hope will give a high school credit for the class. All high school level courses must be completed before college level classes may be taken.

Helping Kids Grow in Godly Character

“Ambassadors for Christ Armed for Kingdom Work” is not merely a mission statement, but rather one of the main standards used to evaluate our success. Our hope is that the character and reputation of our students, faculty, and staff precedes the name of New Hope Christian School.

A recent article from Axis states that 61% of  high school students walk away from the church and look elsewhere for answers. ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) confirmed that, for graduates from Christian high schools, 7% walk away. When people ask, “Why Christian School?”, I answer, “Do the math. Do you want your child to have only a 39% chance or a 93% chance of a continued walk with the Lord?” Obviously, conscientious parents want it at 100%;  New Hope seeks this as well.

Additional Resources

The folks at Christian Law Association have put together this brochure for families who are considering Christian education for their children: