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Learning Center – Summer Program

Purpose – to allow students:

  • To complete course work they have not been able to finish during the school year.
  • To recover credit for incomplete grades or failing grades that may be a detriment to a student’s overall GPA.
  • To raise a ‘D’ or ‘F’ semester grade in any math class so that they may move on to the next math level. (Students below a ‘C’ in a math course cannot go on to the next level.)
  • To enter the new school year prepared to focus on future progress and not be concerned with past shortcomings.
  • To improve study skills and/or understanding of course material.

Calendar availability:

Starting June 17th

Ending July 25th

Time and days offered:

Monday-Thursday          9am-1pm 

Who it will be offered to:

All grades


$20 a day or $70 a week

What will be offered:

Improvement in current skills and studies

Credit Recovery

Who will oversee the program and their credentials:

Emily Dourte, Supervisor of the Learning Center – Associates in early childhood education, BA in Child Development and Family Studies (one semester remaining).  Eight years of experience working with students of all ages.  First Aid and CPR certified.

Patti Hillier, Director of the Learning Center and Student Advocate – BS in Business Management with a minor in Social Science.  Over thirty years of experience working with students of all levels of learning abilities.  Concentrated assistance with dyslexia and ADD/ ADHD students.