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Because New Hope offers college preparatory classes, it is our philosophy that we should encourage our students to pursue post-secondary education. College advising is available at any time in a student’s education. Typically, our college counselor begins toward the beginning of ninth grade.

We help students plan a course of study, as well as encourage a balance of extra-curricular activities and community service opportunities. This culminates in the junior and senior years with presentations by college representatives and one-on-one sessions with our college counselor. It is our privilege to encourage our students through the college process.

Below are links to information that will help students in the college admissions process. Your questions are welcome!

Key College Preparation Resource

Getting Ready for College – A grade by grade college preparation plan for 8th-12th grade students.

BigFuture (https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/) has resources for students to create a college roadmap. There students can explore their interests, research careers, search for colleges that offer that degree path, and then make a plan of how to accomplish those goals. Because BigFuture is part of the College Board website, students can

ASPIRE Students:

High school students can sign up to be a part of the ASPIRE program. This is a program intended to match students with a mentor to help them navigate the ins and outs of achieving their post high school goals.

ASPIRE Mentors:

We rely on volunteers to mentor and cheer on our students as they plan for and pursue their post high school goals. If you are interested in becoming an ASPIRE mentor, please ask Mrs. Wicks for more information.

College Visitations

New Hope Christian School invites college recruiters to come to our campus and present their college to our students. This creates unique opportunities for New Hope students to visit with college representatives to discuss opportunities, classes, benefits of the campus, etc.

Visiting a college campus for yourself is also very important. These “Questions to Ask During a Campus Visit” may help you make the most of your campus visit.

The juniors and seniors usually attend the PNACAC College Fair in the fall. To prepare for the conversations that take place at these meetings and to allow the students to get the most from them, please take a look at this College Fair Checklist.

Activity Chart

The Activity Chart is a necessary tool for ALL high school students to keep track of activities and esp. community service.   This will be very valuable during the senior year to apply for scholarships.

College Placement Testing

Students planning to attend a college or university must take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT). Students usually take one or both of these tests at the end of their junior year and then again in the fall of their senior year. Seniors also must take the SAT II test (Math level I and any other test of their choice). It is important to plan for these tests and prepare. Here is a link to the SAT preparation page which will list options for preparation.

Admisison Test Myths Find whether the things you have heard about the admissions tests are a myth or not and what the truth is.

Test taking Strategies – Preparing for the SAT or ACT can be daunting. The NACAC has some test taking strategies to consider as you prepare for the tests.

The Princeton Review (test preparation)

For the SAT:

College Board runs the SAT as well as the PSAT.

Khan Academy – On Khan Academy, students can personalize their SAT practice sessions for free. If you have taken the PSAT and sign in to Khan Academy, they can use those test results to help prepare you for taking the SAT later.

SAT Sample Questions – check out what type of questions will be on the SAT

SAT Score Interpretation – help understanding your score after the test

For the ACT:

Act.org  is the place to sign up for the ACT and find general information about the ACT.

ACT Test Prep – free, personalized practice for the ACT

ACT Practice Tests – Study using these full length practice questions with explanations.

ACT Score Interpretation – help understanding your score after the test

Students planning to attend community colleges only need to take the entrance test for the community college system.

Applying for College

Make sure you don’t miss any of the important steps in submitting a college application using the  College Application Checklist

The Common Application is one college application for more than 700 different colleges. See their website for the full list of colleges accepting the Common Application.

Scholarships/Financial Aid

Carson Scholars Fund Scholarship- Each year, the Carson Scholars Fund offers a $1000 scholarship to a New Hope student. Students in 4th-11th grade with a minimum GPA of 3.75 and humanitarian qualities can apply to Mrs. Wicks to be one of three students nominated from our school in the fall. One of the three nominees from New Hope will be awarded the scholarship by the Carson Scholars Fund in the spring

Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC) This is a single application that is linked to many state wide scholarships and is also the application for “Oregon Promise” funds for community college.

Josephine County Educational Fund Local scholarships for seniors graduating from any school in Josephine County. Jocoeducationalfund.org

Finaid.org is a guide to financial aid, including information about loans, financial aid applications, other types of aid, and a free scholarship search.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Starting on October 1st, students and parents can fill out the FAFSA. An FSA ID is needed for filling out the FAFSA, which can be acquired at https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm

Accredited Online College

AccreditedOnlineColleges.org is a comprehensive and informative resource that helps prospective students navigate the increasingly complex world of higher education. It offers information on basics of accreditation, which is one the of the most important factors in choosing a college. Accreditation agencies review multiple aspects of an institution and ensure that they can guarantee adequate library resources, qualified faculty, solid student achievement rates and financial aid access, as well as the ability to receive a license to work in fields that require licensure for practitioners.


The OnlineUniversity.com team has created this comprehensive resource guide to help you better understand what distance learning and online education is all about. They give prospective students the most current and relevant information so they can make the best possible decision about their college education.

Online College Resources

Getting Ready for College – A grade by grade college preparation plan for 8th-12th grade students.
FAQ About Finding and Getting into College 

Collegeboard.com (Information of the SAT)
Act.org (Information of the ACT)
The Princeton Review (test preparation)
The Common Application
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC)

How to Write Effective College Recommendations: Counselor Tips.