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Welcome to New Hope Christian School…..

“…..a loving community that spiritually and academically equips, challenges, and
inspires students to impact their world for Jesus Christ.”

Our mission provides us with more than words on a wall or a nice byline for our stationery. Our entire community is committed to making these words a reality in the lives of our students. We talk about community a lot at New Hope, because we understand the importance and value of a Christ-centered community. As a Christian community, we are unapologetic in our commitment to place Christ first in all things. These are interesting times for families as technology has created a culture that not only has the power to unite people across the world, but also to isolate as individuals become increasingly focused on their digital lives. Our loving community seeks to help young people engage in healthy relationships built upon a reliance on Jesus Christ, understanding that their value is not based on the number of likes or followers they receive, but on the fact that they are children of a loving God. We commit to engage our students both spiritually and academically, striving to develop well-rounded individuals equipped to take on the challenges of the twenty-first century marketplace. Our goal is for each student to maximize his or her talents, whether academic, athletic, artistic, or spiritual, to God’s ultimate glory. We accomplish this through the work of our teachers, lifelong learners committed to engaging in best practices in the classrooms and beyond. Our teachers are eternally minded, teaching from a Christian worldview and incorporating Biblical truth into their instruction.

If New Hope Christian School sounds like a good fit for you and your family, we encourage you to contact our office at 541-476-4588. We are excited about what God is doing here and look forward to sharing the news with others.



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Mrs. Annie Burnham
Interim Administrator
Mrs. Marsha Grush
Assistant Administrator
Ms. Dawn Abbot
Secondary PE/International Program Asst.