New Hope Observatory

Observing God’s Handiwork Declared by the Heavens

Our Observatory is one of the best public viewing facilities in Oregon and we welcome you to come out and gaze at the wonder’s of God’s creation.

  • New Hope’s 16″ diameter Ritchey-Chretian Telescope is:
  • A $100,000 piece of equipment, provided by a generous donation.
  • Uses the same optical design as the Hubble Space telescope, at 1/3 the size.
  • 16″ hyperbolic mirror and secondary which overcomes all forms of aberration in a reflecting telescope.
  • Computer controlled, allowing the telescope to focus on any designated object in the sky with the push of a button.
  • 11 million pixel camera.

Also, visit one of our local astronomers, John Bunyan’s website, Grants Pass Astronomers, for much more star-gazing information.

Check out what The Daily Courier said about the New Hope Observatory


 Star Parties

Open viewing nights for the general public:

  1. There will be no charge for entry to star-parties, but any donation of thanks to help maintain the Observatory will be welcome. The Box will now be marked as Donations not as entry fees.
  2. Groups of 6 or more must make reservations by contacting New Hope.
  3. Bring your telescopes for others to look through while taking turns to see through New Hope’s telescope.  Electrical outlets are available.
  4. Bring good binoculars. New Hope has eight pairs that can be borrowed.
  5. Do not bring flashlights unless they are small and covered with a red filter.  Even then use should be very limited.
  6. This is a smoke-free, drug-free, alcohol-free campus.
  7.  Entry into NHCS will be from the New Hope Road entrance down to the Observatory.Parking for the star parties will be along the fence between the gravel road and the black-top courts, and down the fence by the narrow end of the blacktop to the Observatory.

 2016 Scheduled Saturday Viewing Nights

NOTE: Observatory will be closed if skies are obscured by fog, cloud cover, or smoke from local forest fires. If in doubt, please call to confirm that the Star Party will proceed as scheduled.

All start at 8:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

  • Saturday, September 10th
  • Saturday, October 8th
  • Saturday, November 5th (Note: Star Party will begin at 7:30 PM)

* Note that we are on Pacific Daylight Time until the end of October. The November Star party will start about 8:00 by which time it will be dark.

Please contact New Hope with questions about Star Parties

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Updated 5/26/2015