International Students FAQ

+What is the total cost for one school year and how do I pay?
The total cost to attend New Hope Christian School is $15,000 for the 10 month program, or $7,500 for the 5 month program (1 semester). This covers a home with a host family, family meals, tuition, books, and transportation costs while at NHCS. This does not cover miscellaneous personal costs such as clothing, eating out with friends, and shopping. The total amount owed for at least one semester must be paid in full before you will be issued the U.S. Immigration form I-20, which you must have to obtain your visa from the U.S. Consulate. This can help establish ability to finance your stay. This payment may be sent via bank wire from your bank to New Hope’s bank. That information will be sent with the application.

+What extra school activities may I participate in?
You may take part in any of the activities available at New Hope Christian School. These include: Sports competition with other 1-A schools (cross country, volleyball, basketball, track & field), Worship Band, various learning trips within Oregon (to the Pacific coast, Crater Lake national park, ice caves, Oregon Caves national park, historical Indian battle sites, etc.). 

+Where will I be living?
You will be living with a host family. This family will be associated with New Hope Christian School. You will become a temporary member of that family, sharing its culture and lifestyles while the members share yours. You will be included in most family activities and responsibilities. After the school issues you the form I-20, it will try to find the best family to match you. As soon as that family is found you will be given information about and from them. You will then be able to communicate with them by phone, letters, or e-mail. 

+When should I apply and plan on arriving at New Hope?
If you can communicate in English quite adequately then you may arrive during the last two weeks in August. Your application should be submitted to New Hope at least one month prior to expected arrival date. 

+What if I have more questions?
Contact our International Student Program Director or Assistant Director at