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International-Students---IMG_2090 Each family who turns in an application has a home visit interview with the Host Home Coordinator/ International Program Director. The coordinator will then have the family’s information placed before administration staff to be approved or denied as an appropriate host home. The administrators are made up of New Hope Christian staff members. They also place available students in approved host homes. While it will be attempted to make sure every approved host family gets a student, the committee may decide to place two students in one home even though not all families have had a student placed with them. While a host family does not have to be affiliated with New Hope Christian, potential host families should know that New Hope Christian does give highest priority to staff members and families who have children attending New Hope Christian. Host families need to also be aware that approval to host does not guarantee them a student. That depends on availability of students and the committee placement process.

The Host Family must have a home environment and lifestyle that indicates they will be able to fully support and care for an international student. This includes the appearance that a family will help their student navigate through challenges of starting school and support their student by attending their activities and helping them with typical needs any teenager would have in relation to school, activities, and personal life. Host families must provide regular meals and help the student get lunches. It needs to be remembered that while the student needs to fit into your family and schedule, the family, must adjust to the needs of the student. The family has committed to this responsibility not only in a caring relationship for the student but also as a financial agreement to provide services.

While, ideally, a host home will want to have a student with them for the duration of their high school stay, a host family and student only needs to commit year by year, and the host family must also be reapproved to host their student for additional school years.

Host Family Requirements

  • Christians with regular church attendance
  • Internet access for student’s personal computer ( with parental controls)
  • Student must have a room, bed, desk and dresser/ closet
  • Ability to transport student to activities when the family does not live in walking distance of the school
  • Listed below are additional criteria the committee will look for in a host home. While not all criteria have to be met to be a host home, the more criteria a family meets the more likely they will be approved and have a student placed with them.
    • Families with students who attend New Hope Christian
    • Staff members of New Hope Christian
    • New Hope Christian alumni or some other type of affiliation with NHCS
    • Previous successful hosting experience.
    • Family lives in close proximity of the school.

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Interested in Hosting an International Student?

Host Family Questionnaire

International-Student---IMG_2395A few of our students are graduating in June, but most of them are returning next year. We will welcome them back if we have a home for each one. Yours might be the very best home for one of these students, and you are invited to ask the Lord if this is a ministry He is giving to you. The questions and answers below may satisfy some of your curiosity about hosting. If you have more questions, please contact our International Program Director at (541) 476-4588 or via email at


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the international students like?

The students are as diverse as the children in our homes.  Most of the students currently applying to study here are from different parts of the world: China, South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, Mexico and South America. They are intent on getting a western education.  Some come as inquirers of Christianity; all come as God’s creations.  There is no one predominant personality common to the international students.

What do I provide for an international student?

You provide a room, a bed, closet/dresser space, a desk or quiet place to study, food, transportation to and from school, and the love and guidance you would provide for your own child.

What about tuition, clothing, other expenses?

Tuition is paid by the parents of the international student, and those arrangements are made directly between the school and the student’s parents.  Students usually open a bank account here, and pay for their own clothing, special cosmetics, hair cuts, extracurricular activities, and entertainment costs.

What about medical care?

Each student is required to have medical insurance coverage when they register at NHCS.  In case of a medical emergency, the student may be taken to the doctor of your choice or, the nearest emergency, or urgent care center.  Any out-of-pocket medical costs are the student’s responsibility.

Must I provide special foods?

The student is expected to eat what your family normally eats; however, it is fun to experiment with international foods and introduce each other to a new cuisine.  If the student requires unusual foods, those would also be his or her responsibility to purchase.  Of course, if your entire family dines out, it would naturally be expected that you would include the student.

Is there a host family stipend?

Host families receive a per month stipend to cover room and board costs. The stipend in 2016-17 will be $600 per month.

How long will the student live with me?

Most families commit to a full school year, but there have been circumstances that require an earlier change.  Often there is potential for a host family to host the same student for several years since many of our students seek a high school diploma from New Hope Christian School.  At the end of each school year, every host family and student can re-evaluate.

Do I sign an agreement?  Does the student sign an agreement?

Yes, both the hosts and the students sign an agreement.  See Host Family Agreement Form and Student Home Stay Agreement Form in the application packet to see what these include.

What about transportation to and from school

Of course, they may walk if close enough to school.  Driving a student would be required. Each family does their best to accommodate the extracurricular activities, as you would your own child. Students are not allowed to have a personal driver’s license.

What if I have to leave home for an overnight?

If you must travel without the international student, the student may not stay in your home for the duration of your trip. You may ask another host family if the student can stay with them. If you are unable to find a temporary host, you may contact the International Program Director.

If you are taking a family trip out of state. We ask that you fill out the travel form two weeks in advance for authorization from New Hope and the student’s agent.

What if there are problems with the student’s behavior?

If you are unable to resolve a matter with a student, you are invited to communicate with the International Program Director, and together decide what course of action to take.  If there are special academic needs, we ask that the host family work with the student and us to provide the best options for the student.

How do I become a host family?

Complete and return the Host Family Application to the International Program Director, at the address below: (link to host family app.)

Mandy Lindsey or Bob Grush
International Student Program

New Hope Christian School
5961 New Hope Road
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Ph.  (541) 476-4588
Fax (541)474-7626

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