Mt. Ashland Ski/Snowboard Program Information/Sign-Up Packet

Mondays – January 28th, February 4th & 11th

October 2012

I am so excited to let you know that New Hope Christian School’s P.E. classes and International Students will once again participate in Mt. Ashland’s School Ski Program. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain exposure to the wonderful lifetime sports of downhill skiing and snowboarding!

We just finalized the dates! We will ski/snowboard from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm on January 28th, February 4th, and February 11th.  If your student wants to participate, the program requires that each student commits to and pays for all three days. They require full payment by December 7th.  There are NO refunds!  The lift ticket, lessons, and helmet are required for each trip. You also need to rent the skis/snowboard. You must choose, and sign up for either skiing or snowboarding.  You may not switch back and forth between skiing and snowboarding. Students that skied last year had an easier time at the beginning but didn’t progress as well.  Snowboarders had a tougher start, but seemed to be able to tackle more difficult slopes in the end. You must choose one and stick with it for all three trips!


  • Lift & Lesson: $20.00 (x 3 = $60.00*) required
  • Helmet Rental: $4.00 (x3 = $12.00*) required
  • Snowboard/Ski Rental: $12.00 (x3 = $36.00*) required
    (Snowboard or skis are required unless you have your own  equipment)
  • Transportation /Admin Fee: $10.00 (x3 = $30.00*) required
  • Rental Breakage Insurance: $1.00 (x3 = $3.00*) required
     (broken or damaged equipment coverage)  
  • Total: $ 141.00 for all three dates.    

Other Fees

  • Parent Lift Only: $20.00 (x3 = $60.00*)
  • Parent Snowboard/Ski Rental: $12.00 (x3 = $36.00*)
  • Lesson Only (for season pass holders) $10.00 (x3 = $30.00*)

*Total amount for all three ski dates.

This is an exceptional price! (Under $150.00 total for three days of skiing with lessons!!!)  Notice the great price for parents? We will need several drivers and chaperones, so why not come along and ski?!  They offer a greatly reduced lift ticket price, and $12.00 is a super deal for the equipment rental!  You will also earn New Hope volunteer hours for these trips!

We plan on leaving the school as close to 8:00am as possible.  Our group has access to the mountain from 9am to 4pm.  Beginner and Novice lessons are taught at noon.  Intermediate and Advanced lessons are taught at 1pm. We should be home around 6pm.  I am looking into the possibility of sharing a bus with a school group from Ruch.  Taking a bus would simplify the process of getting up to the mountain, and sharing the expense with another school makes sense. I will keep you posted.

Each student will need to pack a lunch or bring money to purchase food in the lodge.

I want to encourage families to start shopping the Goodwill and other thrift stores for appropriate “cold weather” clothing.  (Hat, goggles, gloves, waterproof pants, jacket, and scarf).  If you find some great deals, or have outgrown cold weather clothes, please consider donating the items.  I can always find someone who could use them!

The money and registration packet (see below) is due in full by Friday, December 7th. Please make checks payable to New Hope Christian School. Please write a separate check from tuition.  We cannot “bill” your account.  Please return the completed packet to the office!!

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions.

It is your student’s full responsibility to make up the work, assignments, and tests that they miss while on these trips.


  • Hill Chaperone (parents skiing and snowboarding!)
  • Lodge Chaperones rental room help; lodge parents watching our bags and keeping watch over our area; you don’t need to ski in order to go!
  • Drivers (if we don’t hire a bus)

Thank You,

Dawn Abbott
New Hope P.E. Teacher

Download these important forms


Mt. Ashland Youth Ski Program Rules (.pdf)

After School Ski Program Registration (.pdf)

Ski Trip New Hope Information Form 2013 (.pdf)