Josephine County Fair

Josephine County Fair

The Josephine County Fair is August 16-20!  Once again New Hope Christian School will have two food concession booths underneath the entertainment grandstands.

There are several ways you can help!

We are in need of volunteers:

  • To shop for bulk food items or items purchased locally as needed during the fair.
  • To clean fair booths Friday or Saturday prior to fair.
  • With trucks and/or trailers to load and transport equipment and food from New Hope to the fairgrounds and then unload and set up in the fair booths. Some equipment is heavy. (Usually done on Saturday prior to fair).
  • To work each evening from 5pm to 9 or 10pm in the booths.
  • On Saturday night (last day of fair) to dismantle and clean fair booths, load equipment transport back to New Hope and then unload.
  • To prep food/produce at New Hope on the first day of fair (Tuesday) and as needed each day after.

This event is a lot of fun and a great way to fellowship with other school families and staff, while providing the opportunity to get in your volunteer hours.

Volunteers are taken on a first-come basis, so if you want to sign up or if you have questions, contact Kellie at 541-441-9013 or

Please note: volunteers must 14 years of age to help!