Mayday…Mayday” OR “May Day

Posted on April 30, 2017 by Ernie Stone


Dear Families to New Hope,

“Mayday…Mayday” is an internationally known distress signal, for those finding themselves in emergency situations.    “May Day” (May 1) is also recognized by many as a public holiday. In some cultures, it is a spring holiday that is celebrated with dancing, singing, and good clean fun.

With only a few short weeks left (but who’s counting), we could easily find our students crying out “Mayday…Mayday”  (a cry of distress) or “May Day!” (a cry of celebration – the end is near).

Our chief desire, as a staff, is to see our students finish strong.   I want to encourage you to help your child stay engaged until the very last hour of the very last day.  Help us, help your student finish strong.  Then will be the time to celebrate with singing, dancing, and rejoicing.

Happy Spring!

Ernie Stone