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Mayday…Mayday” OR “May Day

Posted on 04/30/17 by Ernie Stone

“Mayday…Mayday” is an internationally known distress signal, for those finding themselves in emergency situations. “May Day” (May 1) is also recognized by many as a public holiday.

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Posted on 04/20/17 by Ernie Stone

WHAT COMES AFTER THE RESURRECTION? Easter – the celebration of our Lord’s resurrection – is over; what’s next? As we read the Scriptures, we see very clearly what will be the next greatest event in history – the second coming of Jesus.  What comes after the Resurrection? The Return! In Lk 24 we read about […]

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How Essential is the Resurrection of Jesus?

Posted on 04/09/17 by Ernie Stone

Dear New Hope Family, I want to share with you a message I have taught in various churches. I hope it encourages you, as well as give you something to share with your family and friends. How Essential is the Resurrection of Jesus? One of the central teachings of the Bible is that Jesus literally, […]

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Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Posted on 12/01/16 by Ernie Stone

Don’t you just love the Christmas season? One of my favorites quotes for this time of year is, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”. Seven simple words…one profound truth! Another of my favorites is the poem, “One Solitary Life”. If you have not heard it before, you are in for a treat. I have it below for your encouragement.

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Happy Thanksgiving from NHCS

Posted on 11/22/16 by Ernie Stone

The Sunday School teacher was showing her class a painting of a Pilgrim family on Thanksgiving Day on their way to church. She commented, “See, boys and girls, how the Pilgrim children enjoyed going to church with their mothers and fathers.”

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PRESS RELEASE:  New Hope Christian School Takes Steps to Increase Safety and Security of Their Students.

Posted on 12/08/15 by Tim Pritchett

In the wake of local and national headlines describing active shooting tragedies on school campuses and elsewhere, New Hope Christian School has taken the commitment to protect their school community to the next level. On December 2, 2015, New Hope Administrator Ernie Stone officially notified school families and staff of the school board’s decision to contract the services of Concierge Watch to provide an on campus armed security presence.

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