Fundraiser Reports

Ernie Stone

Administrator Mr. Ernie Stone

We, at New Hope Christian School, are so grateful for the financial support that is offered by families, local businesses, and the Josephine County community. Truly, without your support throughout the year, New Hope could not continue.

We want you to know where your time, money, and support goes as well as it’s impact. Therefore we have created this Fundraiser Report page where you can see how each fundraising event performed, prior year comparisons, and how the funds are being used. While we hope to answer most of your questions on each event, if you have more questions, not covered here, feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you again for your continued support to the mission, purpose, and students of New Hope Christian School.


+2012 Auction
This years auction is scheduled for May 11, 2012 at 6:00pm in the New Hope gym. The funds from this event will be will be used to upgrade and purchase technology, provide ongoing teacher training, provide scholarships, and perform campus upgrades.
+2011 Xchange Program
The Xchange program is newest rebate earning program for New Hope Christian school and has been a huge success.
+2011 Box Tops For Education
The simple fundraising event of clipping and submitting Box Tops for Education has brought in $291.09 to date, with another rebate already submitted (but not received at the time of this posting).
+2011 Harvest Festival
While the over all sales of Harvest Festival were similar to the 2010 results, we did see a 1.24%. Total profits were $3641.69. These funds were used for General operating budgets.
+2011 Josephine County Fair
Thanks to your generosity and support for New Hope Christian School our fair concession stands produced nearly 11% more in fundraising support than the 2010 results! These funds will go toward general operating budget.