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As an extra bonus

Most of us love a “two-for-one” offer that doubles our investments. I am so pleased to report that the Lord has graciously given our roof fund that incentive. Between gifts and pledges received, we currently have the need of only $13,000 additional funds. A couple of our school supporters have committed to matching any donations (up to $7000 total) that come in from this point forward. If you have not yet given toward our roof fund, please consider doing so now, knowing that the Lord will double your investment in our school.

Buy a Square ~ $120 + Matching $120 = $240
Buy a Bundle ~ $40 + Matching $40 = $80
Buy a Shingle ~ $2 + Matching $2 = $4

Letter from the Administrator:

stone_ernieDear Families and Friends of New Hope,


I hope you are all having a restful, yet fruitful summer and experiencing the Lord’s fullness in your lives.   I want to share some exciting news.  As you know, we have been needing a new roof over our academic wing for some years.  We had a number of roofers look at it and give estimates of replacement costs.  The one consensus from all of them is “now is the time”.

The best estimate we received for a high quality, 30 year, fiberglass shingled roof is $108,000.   We currently have approx. $87,000 in cash and pledges.  This leaves us with a $21,000 shortfall.  We are so close that we felt it important to get started and trust the Lord to provide the needed funds.  So, our school board committed to replacing the roof this summer.

Earlier I sent out a request to our staff and board members to prayerfully give to our “Buy a Bundle” roof fund.   Many have already graciously responded.  I would now like to send this same request to you, our families and friends of New Hope.

I so appreciate your heart for our school…and I know you already give so much to make our school possible.   So, it is with a deep sense of humility that I ask each of you to make this extra financial sacrifice.  I am convinced that God will reward you “beyond all that we could ask or think”.

It takes 185 squares to cover our roof, three bundles to a square, and twenty shingles to a bundle.  You may “Buy A Square” for $120, “Buy A Bundle” for $40, or “Buy A Shingle” for $2 each. Any amount you donate will be a significant part of our “roof raising”.

If you have a chance to visit our campus or check out our website, you will see that the work has already begun and is making great progress.  Our goal is to have the new roof on before school begins.

To make it easy for you, I have included a “Buy A Bundle” Roof Fund commitment form.  You may give now, pledge to give later, or give in monthly installments…whichever is most convenient for you.   Please fill out and return to:

“Buy a Bundle” Roof Fund

New Hope Christian School
5961 New Hope Road
Grants Pass, OR   97527

 Because of the riches we have in Jesus,

Ernie Stone

“Buy A Bundle” Roof Fund – My Commitment Form