PTF: Parent Teacher Fellowship

What is the PTF?

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The PTF (Parent-Teacher Fellowship) is a collection of New Hope families and staff working together to continue to improve New Hope Christian School and to glorify Jesus in and through the lives of our students.


Daddy/Daughter Dinner Dance Invitation

PTF Special Announcements:

Please add New Hope PTF to your Fred Meyer’s Reward Card. Attached you will find out just how rewarding linking your Fred Meyer’s Reward card to the New Hope PTF Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards Program is and how easy it is to do. Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards Program link

PTF Agenda, February 4th:

What does the PTF do?

According the PTF bylaws, the objectives of the NHCS PTF are as follows:

  • To arrange activities and special events to supplement the academic program and enhance the school’s sense of community.
  • To serve as a liaison that encourages and facilitates communication between families, the school’s administration, staff, and local supporting individuals and organizations.
  • To be a vehicle for fundraising to help meet expenditures not covered by the school

What is the PTF working on?

The PTF activities can be organized into a few general categories:

  • Communication: Creating opportunities for greater communication between New Hope and families of New Hope.
  • Community Outreach Programs: Events to help our community enjoy the benefits of New Hope.
  • Fundraiser Events: Events to help raise the funds necessary for New Hope’s operating budget, scholarships, and campus improvements.
  • Rebate Earning Programs: Programs that allow families to make simple adjustments to “everyday purchases” and have New Hope receive financial benefits.

What if I want to get involved?

We would love to have you be a part of the PTF. Everyone brings their unique strengths and talents to the PTF. The PTF meets once a month.

At the PTF meetings, you have the opportunity to simply observe and ask questions and see what plans are being made. If you feel like there is a committee or event that you’d like to participate, we welcome your involvement.

The following events have openings where you can help:

Does the PTF have a Board?

We do, as outlined by the PTF bylaws.

PTF Executive Board

  • President: Bianca Albright
  • Vice President: Shae Pastrell
  • Secretary (Interim): Patty Caetano
  • Treasurer: Lisa Stanton
  • Parliamentarian: Denise Nelson
  • Communication Coordinator: Amanda Mendes

Non-voting positions

  • 2nd Vice President: Ernie Stone (Administrator)
  • Teacher-at-Large: Gina Yunker

Additional Resources

If you have questions or comments, or if you are interested in becoming part of the PTF, we’d love to talk with you. Email, and one of us will get back to you.