Mr. Barry Setterfield


Barry John Setterfield was born at Northam in Western Australia on April 15, 1942. He was educated at Unley High School in South Australia from 1956-1960 and was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to go through university with all expenses paid. He attended university from 1961-1964, majoring in Physics and Geology. He was forced to terminate his studies due to ill health and a family crisis in 1964. In that year, he performed a complete mineralogical survey of the state of South Australia for an international mining company. In March 1964, he accepted Christ as his own personal Savior.

From 1966-1971 he lectured in astronomy for the ASSA, as well as to schools and colleges. From 1971 up to December 1979, he came to accept that science could make its most rapid progress towards the truth of a situation by concentrating on the areas where data and theory disagreed. This led to research on the changing speed of light. By August 1987, he and an associate had issued a 90-page research report on the topic for Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International and Flinders University. He married Helen (Penny) Fryman in October of 2000, and their ongoing research culminated in the publication of a 467-page scientific monograph by the Natural Philosophy Alliance in July-August of 2013. Their Biblical studies have also resulted in presentations to Bible schools around the world.