My name is Bianca Albright. I have two sons, Dereak and Noah.  My oldest graduated from New Hope in 2014, and my youngest is currently a junior here at New Hope.  Our family attends River Valley Community Church.  I work on-call as an Emergency Room RN at Three Rivers Community Hospital and Rogue Valley Medical Center.  My favorite Bible verse is Colossians 3:23.  “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” – NLT I try to apply this verse to everything I do in life, whether it be at work, doing housework, volunteer work, etc.  I also try to instill it not only in my own children, but also in the children I am blessed to coach or come in contact with at New Hope.

I coached middle school volleyball at NH for 3 years, and the 2016 season will be my 5th year as the high school coach.  I love both playing and coaching volleyball.  Aside from the obvious physical benefits, it teaches hard work, endurance, teamwork, discipline, and dedication.  Volleyball is unique compared to many other team sports, as it requires mandatory teamwork.  You cannot hit the ball more than once in a row.  So, the only way to success is to allow others on your team to help you.  I find this to be representative of life.  It is very difficult to be successful without relying on the help of others and being part of the community of Christ rather than just an individual.  Also, how well you pass or set the ball to your teammate has significant impact on their success.  This mirrors what the Bible teaches us.  We are to focus on others rather than just ourselves, and this helps us see how our efforts affect those around us.

When we moved to Grants Pass, I found New Hope Christian School in the phone book. I chose it simply because it was close to where I was living, and the ad in the phone book said the school had been around for 40 plus years.  I figured if it had lasted that long, it must be good!  The staff and other families have become an extended part of our family, which is incredibly valuable when you have very little family in town.  I have a loving community to call upon when I have a need.  I have peace and security in knowing that when my son is at school or at another student’s home, he is being instilled with and cared for according to the same Christian principles that I insist upon in my own home.  I have confidence that the teachers and coaches view their interactions with the students entrusted to them as opportunities to help them achieve spiritual, academic, and athletic success.  They are not just another tuition payment, nor are they just another body on the court or field.